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By Ed Sanchez
SCMAP Executive Director


A recent news item that appeared in a few newspapers reminded me of a column I write nearly five years ago.  March 6, 2006. Combivent over the counter, The news item pertains to the conversion of public markets into malls. For example, order Combivent from United States pharmacy, Generic Combivent, Business World published on January 10, 2011 “SM to convert public markets into malls”, my Combivent experience. Canada, mexico, india, My column in 2006 was titled “A different kind of distribution problem”. This appears unrelated to the news item, buying Combivent online over the counter. My column dealt with the lopsided distribution of wealth, how our social, political and economic systems and structures favor the biggies, Combivent For Sale. Combivent brand name, Here are some highlights

I said that the greatest problem of the Philippines was not overpopulation, but the lopsided distribution of wealth.  Even if we could cut the population in half overnight, Combivent samples, Combivent from mexico, we would still have a lot of people below the poverty line, as long as the distribution of wealth continued to be lopsided, Combivent online cod, Cheap Combivent no rx, which I think it would.

All our economic, herbal Combivent, Combivent for sale, social and political systems favor the biggies and powerful against the small, poor and disadvantaged, Combivent class. Combivent use, These systems all move towards concentration of  wealth in a few big and powerful companies and families.

There are several groups of structures or systems that work to perpetuate and worsen the distribution of wealth, Combivent no rx. They work in two ways:

  • Diminish the total wealth to be distributed

  • Cause concentration of wealth in a few

These structures or systems include:

  • Economies of scale

  • Bias in favor of biggies

  • Control by biggies over mechanisms that spread wealth

  • Investors that bring wealth out of the country

  • Combivent For Sale, Monopolies and cartels, including laws that support them, and the lack of laws to control and prevent them

  • Crooks

  • Inheritance

Economies of scale are a natural advantage of the big. Combivent reviews, Economies of scale result from the spreading of fixed costs over a big volume.

In addition to the natural advantage of economies of scale, Combivent description, Effects of Combivent, structures and systems favor the big.

As we can see it, no prescription Combivent online, Is Combivent addictive, the lopsided distribution of wealth will continue. There are very few forces that push for distribution, Combivent natural, Combivent pics, such as wage orders and lotteries. They are too weak and their effect is too small, Combivent For Sale. Technology has been helping the small as "equalizer" (cell phones, buy cheap Combivent, Combivent blogs, internet) but the effects are too small. It seems that there is a need for a giant Robin Hood who will do things legally, online Combivent without a prescription. Combivent used for, I also mentioned the phenomenon of malls as another example of wealth concentration. The small sari-sari stores have been disappearing, Combivent dose. Combivent For Sale, Wealth is being concentrated in the mall owner. Combivent coupon, Even the store owners are not the beneficiaries of the “mall system” as their payments to the mall owner are instantly computed from their cash registers.

In addition the mall owner benefits from other sources of revenue related to mall operation, buy Combivent from mexico. Combivent pictures, Some of these are parking fees to be paid by customers, and delivery penalties and introductory fees to be paid by suppliers of goods, buy no prescription Combivent online. Combivent interactions, Introductory fees are a fee to be paid by a goods supplier for starting to supply an sku of a product. Delivery penalties are fees to be paid by the supplier or trucker for missing the delivery window, for example 6:00 am to 3:00 pm, Combivent For Sale. I have even experienced having to pay to use a toilet in one mall, Combivent alternatives. Combivent schedule, In fairness to the mall owners, there have been some benefits from mall operations, such as sanitation, time savings and improved availability of products to customers. On the other hand, malls have caused added traffic problems in the areas where they operate.

Thus we have pluses

  • Better sanitation

  • Time savings to customers / improved availability of products

And we have minuses

  • Added supply chain costs from mall fees (delivery penalties, introductory fees, parking)

  • Added traffic

  • Concentration of wealth

Looking at the above, it is quite clear that concentration of wealth belongs to a different category of effect, to me clearly outweighs the meager pluses. Combivent For Sale, The new idea on public markets being converted into malls will be piloted by SM in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Under the agreement, SM is leasing a two hectare lot from the local government. SM cannot increase rental rates for public market tenants beyond the the fees approved by the local government. Details are not clear. What will happen to government revenues from the public market.

At this time, I can only say that we should keep a close watch over the Dasma project, Combivent For Sale. It could lead to further lopsided distribution of wealth. More small time entrepreneurs could be wiped out.

For SCMAP, it should pay some attention to the retail end where different fees are being charged by the mall owners which can contribute significantly to rising supply chain costs.

Upcoming Activities

Activities endorsed by SCMAP

  • Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Excellence, 24-25 January 2011, Singapore, organized by Marcus Evans

  • 6th Philippine Ports and Shipping, 27-28 January 2011, Manila Peninsula, organized by Transport Events Management

SCMAP’s business planning session will be held on January 22-23 outside of Metro Manila.

Address inquiries and comments to Ed Sanchez at tel. 671-8670, fax 671-4793, cell 0918-914-1689, or email Those interested in DMAP training and other activities are requested to send their e-mail addresses.

January 15, 2011

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